Hire Zend Framework Developer | 10 Reasons To Use This Amazing Framework


Considered as the most popular object-oriented web application framework, the Zend Framework is implemented in PHP5. A zend developer use this strong php framework to develop custom web applications. A majority of the developers prefer to use this framework, for the simple reason that it facilitates lesser code writing on a clients project.

Hire Zend Framework Developer:

Since it is a very popular PHP 5 framework, most of the PHP developers are familiar with the Zend framework. Furthermore, a number of companies work with it as their standard web application development framework, along with their other services. So, hiring an efficient zend framework developer does not pose any problem rather its beneficial.

Since personalization creates a unique functionality for a project, given below are some points which must be considered:

Easy Integration:

It is easily integrated with Zend Server community version or Zend Studio, it has partnership with Google, Adobe, and so on.

Amazing Vastness:

The number of components are growing steadily and there are nearly 100 components leading to a vast library.

Easy Documentation:

Using Zend an exhaustive resourceful documentation in several languages can be done. Different online forums where one can find posted articles, news, tips and tricks in the blogs or the websites. They officially encourage “Mailing list.” Furthermore, there is training, certification services, Free Ebooks, and so on.


The ZendDate, the ZendCurrency, or the ZendLocale component sets the Language, Dates, Time Or The Currency as per the developer’s preference at various locations. Since its multilingual, a developer can work with any preferred language or scripts.

Open source:

Being an open source framework developed by a large group of volunteers and it is procured without any license fees and so there’s no need to buy any additional software or hardware.


Quick Installation and Hosting:

A developer can instantly install it just by downloading the code to the library directory. Further, various Linux distributions is featured with Zend Framework package also several hosting providers are also available. Database: It facilitates PHP developers to build application models as per their requirement with the standard database programs.

You can use Zend as need be:

Zend is collection of classes, one can choose either single or a subset of the components, meaning that they are loosely coupled.


Zend provides developers a rich set of libraries compliant to the present PHP programming techniques, standard layout for project files, turnkey solutions and therefore, enables them to create high quality code and secure applications. The large library provides solutions for the rare functionality as well.


It follows the best practices in the industry for quality enhancement of the code. The components are unit tested and uses proven object oriented designs.

Reuse of codes:

The codes are reusable and thus reduces the time to write duplicate codes.

Zend php has been known to address many issues and by using this framework, once can work without any hassles and so this has become quite popular programmers. One needs to witness the crucial aspects altogether before judging a framework.

It ensures developers its stability and the robustness, using this framework can help developers to deliver any standard process in time. The framework is known to reduce complexity of development for programmers while creating standard modules!

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