For Top Notch Zend Php Framework Services Think Talentsfromindia Always!


Zend is a easy, simple, yet powerful and a highly secure PHP framework, and is highly popular within the web development community around the world. It is also very scalable and its use-at-will architecture with loosely bound components gives Zend framework developers enough flexibility to create highly customized web applications.

Since PHP is undoubtedly one of the most popular frameworks to develop very unique and customized applications for the clients based on their distinct business needs.

Since our inception we at TalentsFromIndia through our knowledge and professional PHP/custom application development, have been creating complex and accurate PHP-based applications and web components for clients across the globe.

zend framework developers

Not only that we offer cost-effective web application development solutions for any business requirements of the clients. The Zend Framework lays emphasis on providing the latest, secure, reliable Web 2.0 applications and web services. Moreover, it consumes modern APIs from popular vendors such as Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Flicker. As Zend’s has some excellent technical features which allow programmers to build robust web applications without any hassles!

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Core Benefits of PHP Zend Application Development:

  • It supports all of the features of the latest version of PHP, unlike CakePHP which still targets the previous version.
  • All the components provided by the makers are fully object-oriented PHP5 compliant.
  • Minimum inter-dependencies and loosely coupled components.
  • Developers can use components from the framework without developing in the framework structure.
  • The designing of Zend is very flexible this framework also supports multiple database systems and vendors such as Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL.
  • This framework also has special components such as Authentication, Session Management, Mail, Formats and search core infrastructure for quick development of web applications.
  • Provides great control over the design of the application and its in-built library supports dynamic website development.


We at TalentsFromIndia believe in keeping things simple yet unique in design, and based on our object-oriented best practices and agile code-base we provide clients something which will always give them a competitive advantages over others!

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