This is Why Zend Framework Works Best for your Business!


The surge in demand for PHP development and its developers is really great!

Considered as one of the most reliable and cost-effective solution for web development, the zend php is an open source platform and is changing the way businesses work. Most organizations are trying to rope in adept PHP developers for their web business. As zend php development is by far one of the best programming tools and most effective too.

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As zend framework is built on MVC which assists programmers and developers to work independently. This design model allows the web pages to be mostly separated from the intrinsic code, so that it helps the designers and programmers focus on own modules and expertise. The Zend Framework components being loosely coupled, means that they can easily be separated. By striving for loose coupling, different components can be used as need be, which makes the developer feel free to use them and is not forced to use them. Its even possible to pull out individual components for integration with other applications that are not built with zend framework.


Presently the zend framework is a safe bet for developers who and chances of an employer looking for Zend Framework developers than a less known framework just might be worth the effort of understanding and learning it. Its common for developers to see functionality break due to small changes and this can easily happen in small applications if there is nothing preventing it.

But in large applications where several developers are involved, its crucial to have an automated way of detecting these problems. The zend framework is very well unit tested this does not mean that changes will not occur, nor does it guarantee backwards compatibility. However, it will prevent functionality within the framework from breaking unintentionally.

This framework is a very robust, feature-rich component library for PHP developers. It allows you to easily and quickly perform a wide range of common application development tasks.zend_framework3

Most PHP development companies such as TalentsfromIndia also provide the open source customization services for Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress which can relieve your web management hassles!

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For Top Notch Zend Php Framework Services Think Talentsfromindia Always!


Zend is a easy, simple, yet powerful and a highly secure PHP framework, and is highly popular within the web development community around the world. It is also very scalable and its use-at-will architecture with loosely bound components gives Zend framework developers enough flexibility to create highly customized web applications.

Since PHP is undoubtedly one of the most popular frameworks to develop very unique and customized applications for the clients based on their distinct business needs.

Since our inception we at TalentsFromIndia through our knowledge and professional PHP/custom application development, have been creating complex and accurate PHP-based applications and web components for clients across the globe.

zend framework developers

Not only that we offer cost-effective web application development solutions for any business requirements of the clients. The Zend Framework lays emphasis on providing the latest, secure, reliable Web 2.0 applications and web services. Moreover, it consumes modern APIs from popular vendors such as Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Flicker. As Zend’s has some excellent technical features which allow programmers to build robust web applications without any hassles!

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Core Benefits of PHP Zend Application Development:

  • It supports all of the features of the latest version of PHP, unlike CakePHP which still targets the previous version.
  • All the components provided by the makers are fully object-oriented PHP5 compliant.
  • Minimum inter-dependencies and loosely coupled components.
  • Developers can use components from the framework without developing in the framework structure.
  • The designing of Zend is very flexible this framework also supports multiple database systems and vendors such as Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL.
  • This framework also has special components such as Authentication, Session Management, Mail, Formats and search core infrastructure for quick development of web applications.
  • Provides great control over the design of the application and its in-built library supports dynamic website development.


We at TalentsFromIndia believe in keeping things simple yet unique in design, and based on our object-oriented best practices and agile code-base we provide clients something which will always give them a competitive advantages over others!

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How to Improve Your CakePHP Development? These Few Steps Can Help!

heade cakephp development

Any developer, either versatile or amateur, is likely to come across many unpredictable errors while running any PHP program. CakePHP developers get at the time of running an application might not be 100% correct owing to some amendable errors in codes. The developers and designers, who are serious about faultless coding, resolve it at the root level for getting better results!

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Given below are some steps that can improve your CakePHP development:

Be Careful while Managing Tables

To manage the tables correctly, designers have to know the basic information about the tables. There are times a developer finds hard to work with tables for a minor fail in getting the basic information. Just add: pr($this->ModelName->schema()) to your codes, and collect all the needed information about the table. Again, many programmers face strange issues when they modify the data in the table. For that they should work according to a predefined format, or delete all the cache files from the list by adding: app/tmp/cache. The steps are too simple to avoid usual issues that occur while dealing with tables.


Keep the $validate Array On

After the coding is completed, developers go for file validations and then start notifying errors. A programmer can easily spot wrong entries by keeping the validate function on. Developing of record files or updating of record files may end with some irritating errors while we work in CakePHP. Rectifying such errors one by one is a major issue all programmers face with PHP.

Keeping the $validate array on during modification or development of the record files save a lot of time in the run time of programs.

Creating Pages Without Using Models

If you want to add new static pages quickly, the cakePHP developer need not have to set a dedicated controller and define separate action for each page in codes but not to worry cakePHP has an option to reduce this difficult task.

The developers can simply develop their views inside the pages folder itself and get the action called for every page at the runtime!

learning cakephp

Correct the Errors Happens with Save()

As a developer you’ve followed all the guidelines mentioned in the CakePHP manual, still you find some errors at the time of saving files. Developers can easily spot it and rectify it by including pr($this->validationErrors) as a command in coding.

If you still find the function returns no true values, you can add before Save() command in your app model. This function will return all the errors prior to saving the files. Both functions are extremely helpful to return errors, and help save() work properly.


Follow these points and you’ll improve your cakephp development.

Author is associated with TalentsFromIndia – Leading Cake PHP Development Company and remains busy in researching and learning about the latest web development trends & technologies.


CakePHP: Helping You With all Your Web Application Developments!

Want to achieve an even higher level of success?
Want to create better and more dynamic web applications?


Your search for cake php developers can be solved with CakePHP development. Being an open source framework it helps you achieve efficiency and many benefits in a very precise manner.

In the IT world as you know that PHP has been an extremely popular name in the world of web application development, now what CakePHP does is enhance that even more while at the same time makes it even easier. Since 2005 amidst the monopoly of Ruby on Sails when CakePHP had taken its first step, and this framework by the 21st century it has become one the most popular tools for web application development with standardized features and amazing support!


Sounds great right?

Now the most important facts which differentiates the CakePHP from PHP lies in the fact that Cake PHP development is highly organized presenting next level assembly of elements and objects which are present in PHP for development and reference. Also apart from being flexible and organized CakePHP offers developers a comprehensive support in terms of coding and web application development. CakePHP offers you standardized security and session handling facility which will allow you to work consistently and cohesively with your team.

Working with cake gives developers many benefits which in simple terms means that you can read and acquire the codes which are easily scrutinized and treated through in an assertive way. The MVC (Model-View-Controller) coding pattern allows developers to get the trickiest and difficult tasks accomplished with less effort and time consumption.


The team, this word represents another reason for the success behind CakePHP development. The reason being that CakePHP developers are necessary as they offer you the best and most advanced solution according to your business requirements. So to provide you with talented developers is the reason CakePHP development companies such as TalentsFromIndia exist. Especially you can find that incase of developing countries outsourcing CakePHP developers is cost efficient and provides you with the choice of hiring for monthly, weekly, daily basis or as need be.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to browse online and search for outsourcing companies that have provided dedicated professionals for a considerable amount of time.

So if you are looking for professional CakePHP application development services taking the services of a top notch company such as TalentsfromIndia can help you in your quest!

Zend Framework: The Answer to all Your Website-Related Problems!

zend framework development india

Without a doubt the zend framework is conceived as a robust, feature-rich component library for PHP developers. It helps developers to quickly and easily perform a range of common application development tasks. The task includes creating and validating form input, generating dynamic menus, working with web services, and much more.

Today almost every scalable web development software known are developed using PHP. Zend framework which is an open source, object oriented web application is also one among those which use PHP in order to build a website. It is catching pace up quickly because it is comparatively simple and can reduce the technical hassles pertaining to a project for a developer, this allows the developer to concentrate on their real objective.

This framework is extensively used by a developer in order to build websites as it blends well with any open source applications and so it is extensively applied in developing rich cross platforms like Magneto, which is an extensively used E commerce application for creating almost any online shopping carts.

The Zend framework has advanced the art of PHP development this was achieved by introducing PHP developers to a more standardized and structured approach to PHP programming. What this does is help in getting a much cleaner, robust and more secure application. Because of these reasons developers to incorporate from the older style of programming to a much newer and improved framework!


Still for many novice developers, this framework is tough but due to the large number of available components and the loosely coupled architecture could easily baffle developers who are used to regular programming. To encapsulate, it will offer you the knowledge you need to supercharge your PHP development by unlocking the power of the Zend Framework.

Since the zend framework has a loosely coupled architecture it helps in producing lightweight applications, so programmers can choose only the specific components they need for completing a task. Recommended for applications of medium to large complexity its commonly used to build robust web application as well. It allows developers to get a new Zend framework project up and running with less effort. So developers can quickly create new project objects as development progresses.

insight about zend framework

Yes! Got an overview of Zend

So this article gave you an insight about the zend framework development in India, the Zend framework is today one of the most popular frameworks since it brings massive benefits to developers without any hassles!

TalentsFromIndia Cater Elegant CakePHP Development Services


Its not a rocket science to play with the most modern CakePHP framework. TalentsFromIndia fabricate your dreams true with the delivery of most stunning and captivating CakePHP development services that are both flexible in terms of customization and cost-effective too.

Deep understanding of the corporate level requirements, expanded over years has enabled us to encounter the application to your specific business needs and introducing a new set of opportunities for the magnification of your business. Choosing TalentsFromIndia also entitles you as the sagacious customer because we are one of the leaders of CakePHP development companies and the best in picking the most profitable approach in business solution making. Our team of professional cake php developers are skilled with the most innovative tools of cakePHP, that exhibits the technical supremacy of our services.


Dedication and enthusiasm are our strength which enables us to cater the best cake php application development services for numerous business sectors:

  • Web based Application
  • Enterprise Application
  • Client-Server Application
  • Content Management System
  • Database driven Application
  • Ecommerce Application
  • Open Source Integration
  • Custom Web Development
  • Custom Plug in Installation
  • Integration Of Payment Gateway

Why choose TalentsFromIndia?


TalentsFromIndia is a well-established team of experienced and skilled software developers and programmers dedicated enough to offer various architects solution, quality assurance solutions and undeniably the best in class solutions. We at TFI offers high-quality business solutions in complete lifecycle of software development from model-code building to final code to development to quality assessment without making you break your financial storage.

Notable Benefits of Hiring a Cake Php Developer From TalentsFromIndia


High-End Solution

A cake php developer of TalentsFromIndia has the immense potential of delivering a intact business solution which empowers managers to solve hectic problems of business in no time.

Huge Experience

TFI is one of the most efficient result oriented companies with its proud customers. We prefer fully scalable customizable approach towards offering rigid web solutions.

Complete Business Solutions

With the perfect blend of dedication, expertise and range of technologies along with the strategic marketing solutions, we have become the one-stop solution for most of your business needs.

Competitive Pricing

We at TalentsFromIndia are committed to deliver efficient and effective solutions at the least possible cost.

Post Development Services

We not only make business, but also the relation. Our customer support team is just a call away. We feel obliged to help you even after the services.


We are a successful CakePHP development company and promises to provide exceptional cake php development services. Our cakephp programmers guarantees you the highest quality of design and development for all kinds of CakePHP web applications. We follow top standards of cakePHP web application development to give you the best business oriented output.


Hire a cake php developer from TalentsFromIndia for complete business solution.

Some Compelling Reasons To Choose Zend Framework Development


There are many different server scripting languages that developers uses for building web applications. But the most popular one that is always been discussed now and then is the PHP.

Why it is popular?

  • Simple and Easy-to-Learn
  • Support – finding help for php is extremely easy
  • Freedom – level of freedom is far superior to other scripting languages
  • Runs Everywhere – Linux, Mac OSX, Windows, UNIX
  • Integration – almost every industry uses PHP applications
  • Easier to fix problems
  • Speed – operates much faster than other scripting languages

Some popular PHP frameworks:  

  • Aiki
  • Symfony
  • Zend
  • Silex
  • Slim

What is Zend Framework?

Zend Framework is an open-source PHP5 library used for web development productivity. Zend is considered the most popular OO(Object-Oriented) web application framework. It is licensed under the OSI (Open-Source initiative) approved new BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) License.


  • Includes PHP5 Library
  • Free and Open Source
  • Fully OOP Class Library
  • Documentation – possible in multiple languages
  • Quality & Testing – Fully Tested

PHP Zend Framework features includes:

All components are fully object-oriented PHP 5 and are E_STRICT compliant, helping in building tests codes and main codes in a crash-proof and a bug-free application manner.

Firm architecture with loosely coupled components and minimal inter-dependencies

Extensible MVC (Model-View-Controller) implementation supporting layouts and php-based templates

Supporting multiple DB (database) systems and vendors which includes MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, PostgreSQL and Informix Dynamic Server

Composition and delivery of Email and retrieval via Maildir, MBOX, IMAP4 and POP3

A Flexible caching sub-system which have support for various sort of backends, such as memory or a file system.

why use php

Why use Zend PHP framework?

  • Object-Oriented Goodness
  • Use What you Need, Forget Everything Else
  • It lets you do a Lot of Things!
  • No Model Implementation – Choose your Own Adventure!
  • Integrate with Whatever you Want
  • Community and Documentation

High-growing companies always look at their business not just to make money, but as a enriched platform to explore and extend their services the the people. That is the reason why these companies grow in an enourmous rhire-zend-framework-developerate.

Software development organizations like TalentsFromIndia offers dynamic and qualitative zend framework development services to the companies by adhering to the latest technology and providing conditional support throughout the entire process. 

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CakePHP Development | Develop Simple, Effective & Faster Web Applications

cakePHP header Image

A Look-Over At CakePHP:

CakePHP has been designed to build common web development business simple and easy. It is an open-source web framework written in PHP which follows the principles of model-view-controller(MVC) approach. It allows a cake php programmer to easily customize and extend most features of the application.

CakePHP is a foundational structure for programmers to develop highly robust and featured websites. It enables developers to work in a formatted and rapid manner without any loss in flexibility.

Why Choose CakePHP?

  • Open-Source
  • Low Maintenance
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Easy Deployment of Web Applications
  • Robust and Well Tested Feature Set
  • Model-View-Controller Architecture
  • Application Scaffolding
  • Built in view Helpers for JavaScript, AJAX, HTML Forms
  • Runs on all platforms such as Windows, Linux, Apache, Solaris and other UNIX platforms

Why Use CakePHP?

Open Source Platform:

Yes, you can say like this. Open source web development platform is the most important factor behind its wide popularity. This allows the cake php programmers to create immensely robust and cost-effective websites.

MVC Pattern:

CakePHP is based on Model-View-Controller paradigm separating business logic from data presentation layer. MVC workings:

  • Models connects the database using queries and save the data into the database.
  • Views present the content in a readable/viewable format to the client-side.
  • Controller’s work is to process the data before it interacts with the model or database.

ORM Pattern:

CakePHP supports Object Relational Mapping thus incorporating the features of object oriented programming language.

Allows Reusability of Code:

Usage of pre-written codes into different projects is allowed by cakePHP which helps in saving a lot of developing time. This also helps the cake php developers to concentrate properly on the creative and logical part of the project.

Need of a CakePHP Expert For Business Website Building:

You will need a cakePHP programmer to create products which will be in full compliance with the latest industry trends and modules that can contribute in formulating highly prolific web profiles.

uses of cakePHP

Where is CakePHP used?

Fields Where Cake PHP Development is Used:

  • Health Care Services
  • Individual Blogs
  • Finacial & Banking Sector
  • Commercial Sector
  • Personal Web Development
  • Information Providers
  • Other Business Services

So, from organizing the databases to building a shopping cart, making a blogger site to banking websites, these are few of the aspects that a cakePHP framework can assist with.

What a CakePHP Development Company Offers?

  • Upgradation Services
  • Integration Services
  • Customization Services
  • Website Maintenance Services
  • Content Management System
  • Component Development

To get functional, CakePHP based applications with proper customer focused solution and optimization, hire cake php programmer from TalentsFromIndia at affordable cost.

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Hire Zend Framework Developer | 10 Reasons To Use This Amazing Framework


Considered as the most popular object-oriented web application framework, the Zend Framework is implemented in PHP5. A zend developer use this strong php framework to develop custom web applications. A majority of the developers prefer to use this framework, for the simple reason that it facilitates lesser code writing on a clients project.

Hire Zend Framework Developer:

Since it is a very popular PHP 5 framework, most of the PHP developers are familiar with the Zend framework. Furthermore, a number of companies work with it as their standard web application development framework, along with their other services. So, hiring an efficient zend framework developer does not pose any problem rather its beneficial.

Since personalization creates a unique functionality for a project, given below are some points which must be considered:

Easy Integration:

It is easily integrated with Zend Server community version or Zend Studio, it has partnership with Google, Adobe, and so on.

Amazing Vastness:

The number of components are growing steadily and there are nearly 100 components leading to a vast library.

Easy Documentation:

Using Zend an exhaustive resourceful documentation in several languages can be done. Different online forums where one can find posted articles, news, tips and tricks in the blogs or the websites. They officially encourage “Mailing list.” Furthermore, there is training, certification services, Free Ebooks, and so on.


The ZendDate, the ZendCurrency, or the ZendLocale component sets the Language, Dates, Time Or The Currency as per the developer’s preference at various locations. Since its multilingual, a developer can work with any preferred language or scripts.

Open source:

Being an open source framework developed by a large group of volunteers and it is procured without any license fees and so there’s no need to buy any additional software or hardware.


Quick Installation and Hosting:

A developer can instantly install it just by downloading the code to the library directory. Further, various Linux distributions is featured with Zend Framework package also several hosting providers are also available. Database: It facilitates PHP developers to build application models as per their requirement with the standard database programs.

You can use Zend as need be:

Zend is collection of classes, one can choose either single or a subset of the components, meaning that they are loosely coupled.


Zend provides developers a rich set of libraries compliant to the present PHP programming techniques, standard layout for project files, turnkey solutions and therefore, enables them to create high quality code and secure applications. The large library provides solutions for the rare functionality as well.


It follows the best practices in the industry for quality enhancement of the code. The components are unit tested and uses proven object oriented designs.

Reuse of codes:

The codes are reusable and thus reduces the time to write duplicate codes.

Zend php has been known to address many issues and by using this framework, once can work without any hassles and so this has become quite popular programmers. One needs to witness the crucial aspects altogether before judging a framework.

It ensures developers its stability and the robustness, using this framework can help developers to deliver any standard process in time. The framework is known to reduce complexity of development for programmers while creating standard modules!

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CakePHP Application Development | Build Fast, Grow Solid


PHP is a widely used server side scripting open-source language which was basically designed for the purpose of web application development and building dynamic web pages.

Be it organizing the immense databases to shopping, writing blogs to sending emails, these are some of the aspects that a PHP language can assist with. This is a free and efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft’s ASP.Net.

CakePHP is an open-source rapid development framework for PHP known for continuously advancing its stature and making its presence felt. Its virtues came across strongly with its definitive updates. The cakephp team makes it much clear that this productive platform is going to continue its winning spree with ever scalable definitions and resourceful ventures.

cakephp application development

PHP web applications and web sites have a very simple architecture, yet a Web Development Company needs to be well versed with new technology and its different versions in order to work on building customized applications or sites.

In comparison to other web technologies its very flexible, as it can be deployed on most web servers, many operating systems and platforms, and can be used with many relational database management systems.

Many cakephp application development companies like TalentsFromIndia allows their clients to hire CakePHP developers from their company; where a developer(s) dedicatedly works only on their project.

Why CakePHP?


Why CakePHP?

Benefits of CakePHP:

  • An open source technology which allows a user to take advantage by utilizing on all platforms; for e.g. Windows, Linux, Solaris, Apache,and various other UNIX platforms.
  • Well tested application frameworks like CakePHP, Zend Framework and Symphony etc. are available for rapid application development.
  • Huge development resources are available such as Forums, Blogs, and Freeware Scripts.
  • PHP also incorporates with a lot of open source free applications that are easily available such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, osCommerce, Zen Cart, Magento and many more which reduces your development cost up to 60 to 70%.

Find more details on hiring dedicated CakePHP Developers